Friday, January 29, 2010

This weekend, photoshoot!

I want you to come out with 4 different photos that we can look at on Wed. when you walk into class (psst...Remember that the compensation pics are due on Tues).  You will have FOUR images that are completely DIFFERENT scenes.

We will take the advice of the post and use it for you to understand your ISO.
I want you to test your camera’s image quality at different ISO settings. Set your camera to AV (Aperture Priority). Set your aperture to no lower than 4. . . preferably around 5.6 the purpose of this assignment is not to mess with exposure, composition or depth of field. The goal is to test your camera’s ISO capacities and how it holds up under the pressure of high ISO’s. Step outside into the open shade. Shoot an image at 100 ISO and move up incrementally through your camera’s available ISO’s all the way until you reach your camera’s maximum ISO. . . don’t worry, your camera should make up for the extra sensitivity of the sensor by shortening the shutter speed. Upload the images and check the quality.

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