Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the last "exercise" (and other stuff)....

For Friday of this week, please take 2 photos in which you utalize Av and 2 that you utalize Tv.

This article will give you a quick-y refresher. Enjoy! AND here is another on Av.

Remember to change your file size to 72 dpi when you upload it to your blog.

SOOOOO....that means that
1. Compensation Photos are due TODAY (Tues)
2. ISO photos are due Tomorrow (Wed)
3. Your montage is due Thurs
4. This assignment (shutter/aperature) is due on Friday.

Yippee! (and yes, that is all folks- then we're going to do this "for real")

Here is an article if you are having issues with snow.

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