Friday, February 5, 2010

TEXTURE- Wkend Assignment Part 2

Read the Article on Digital Photography School.
You will need to take TWO technically solid images (iso, white balance, Av, etc.) and add a texture to the photos (as it is suggested in the DPS website).

Before we do that [add textures] we will be learning how to color balance in class [on Monday].

Here is a Flickr Group that uses Flypaper Textures.


  1. Mrs. Mooney check this girl's photos out on flickr. I am in love with her self portraits and the movement and colors she uses...I think they are beautiful!

  2. I just graded your blog...and I can see why you're drawn to her work- you are cut from similar cloth (de-saturated images, interesting shots). She does do a great job w/ winter shots, and I think part of the power is the quantity of the series.