Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines day weekend

This week we will be doing more things in the darkroom/studio (including the photogram). Over the weekend, I expect that you will look at the photograms on the blog and have an idea of exactly the look you would like to go for.

You will also, of course, have a digital assignment over the weekend.

Please read the article on how to improve your lighting without spending a dime. I will expect that you incoorporate that in your photos.
You should also try to use a reflector. You can also make one.  With it being winter, just be careful that you don't "blow out your subject" with the flash.

We will do different things in Photoshop with new techniques - but here is what I want you to take photographs of: (YOU WILL HAVE 12 PHOTOS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT)
Use your ISO, Av, and white balance to get better photos (I much to remember!)
1. 2 photos that show "lines" or "textures"
2. Portraits of 4 people- it is up to you to decide how you want the people to appear (inside/outside/etc).
3. Images of 2 things that annoy/bother you.
4. 2  images of landscapes.
5. 2 images with "selective focus" (Av/Macro)

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